UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education Shaped Global Strategies

WSU News, photo credit: UNESCO

UNESCO convened the highly anticipated World Conference on Culture and Arts Education from 13 to 15 February 2024. The prestigious event was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and served as a platform for Culture and Education Ministers from across the globe to come together and adopt a groundbreaking UNESCO Framework for Culture and Arts Education.

The World Conference aimed to foster collaboration among relevant UN agencies, intergovernmental organisations, and UNESCO networks and partners in the field of culture and education. By facilitating the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas, the conference sought to establish a robust global alliance for culture and arts education.

The development of the UNESCO Framework for Culture and Arts Education built upon the Road Map for Arts Education and the Seoul Agenda: Goals for Arts Education. This comprehensive framework was shaped through an inclusive and participatory preparatory process, incorporating valuable contributions from UNESCO Member States and a diverse range of stakeholders.

Once officially adopted, the Framework will serve as a vital tool for Member States to formulate integrated strategies and policies that prioritise the cultural dimension within educational systems. It will empower nations to invest in the development of skills and competencies, particularly through culture and arts, in response to contemporary needs and opportunities.

The World Conference on Culture and Arts Education was a milestone event that shaped the future of education and cultural development on a global scale. As government officials, educators, and experts gathered in Abu Dhabi, they collectively charted a course towards a more holistic and inclusive approach to education, one that harnessed the power of culture and the arts to nurture the talents and abilities of individuals worldwide.

The conference fostered a dynamic and collaborative environment, offering a platform for fruitful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities among international delegates. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, the global community paved the way for a transformative shift in education, ensuring that cultural and artistic dimensions were integral to the learning experiences of future generations.

As the World Conference on Culture and Arts Education concluded on 15th February 2024, stakeholders worldwide reflected on its impact. With its commitment to inclusivity and innovation, the conference held the promise of reshaping educational paradigms and nurturing a generation of culturally aware, creative, and empowered individuals.




The "2024 First Edition of the Macau Judo Referee and Coach Certification Course" was successfully held in Macau

The "2024 First Edition of the Macau Judo Referee and Coach Certification Course," jointly organised by the World Sports University and the Macau Judo Association, was successfully held for two consecutive days at the Macau Daily News Building. The course was specifically designed for active judo referees and coaches from the Macau Judo Association and its affiliated associations, with the aim of enhancing the refereeing skills of Macau judo referees and providing international refereeing knowledge to judo coaches. A total of 25 active judo coaches and referees participated in the course.

In the opening ceremony, Che Kuong Hon, President of the World Sports University and the Judo Association, expressed the importance of regularly conducting systematic judo referee training courses. These courses help improve the refereeing skills of judo referees and the teaching quality of coaches, while also nurturing young coaches and referees in Macau. By learning the latest international judo referee rules, participants can further enhance their understanding of refereeing models, methods, and requirements, ensuring a unified refereeing standard for Macau's competitions. This effort aims to promote fairness and justice and enhance the overall quality of judo competitions in Macau.

The course was conducted by Sou Man Hou, Chief Referee of the Macau Judo Association, and Nagata, Senior Referee. Through case analysis and rule explanations, the participating coaches and referees gained in-depth knowledge of the content of international judo referee rules. The interactive discussions and exchanges between instructors and students provided valuable opportunities for participants to address their doubts and improve their coaching and refereeing skills. It was an enriching learning experience for all involved. 

GAWSF Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement for World Sports University in Shandong

On January 9, 2024, Professor Che Kuong Hon, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the GAWSF and President of the World Sports University, accompanied by Professor Ma Wencai, Vice President of the GAWSF and Deputy Director of the Shandong Academy of Sciences at Qilu University of Technology, and Secretary of the Secretariat of the GAWSF, visited the Shandong University International Industrial Park in Qingdao, Shandong Province. 

They held discussions with the Chairman of Zhongz Donsun Better Group Co., Ltd., a development enterprise in the park. The GASWF andZhongz Donsun Better Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the establishment of the World Sports University in the Changqing Industrial Park of Shandong University. According to the agreement, based on complementary advantages, resource sharing, and common development, the two parties will cooperate in building the College of International Sports Industry of the World Sports University. They will carry out comprehensive cooperation in sports talent training and development, academic research, sports and cultural exchanges, event organisation and promotion, and sports industry development, in order to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

On January 10, 2024, Chairman Che Kuong Hon and his delegation visited Inspur Software Co., Ltd. and held discussions with Zhao Shaoxiang, Chairman of Inspur Software Co., Ltd., on cooperation.

The two parties had in-depth exchanges on the deep integration of "digital + culture + sports" and jointly promoting the high-quality development of sports, achieving continuous transformation and empowerment of technology in sports, and becoming a strong driving force for the development of the sports industry. They discussed how to strengthen the exchange, cooperation, and development of cultural, technological, tourism, and sports between Shandong and Macau, relying on their respective resource advantages. The meeting decided to establish a special working group in Inspur Software Co., Ltd. to jointly support the construction of theCollege of Sports Science and Technology of the World Sports University with Qilu University of Technology. Zhao Shaoxiang was appointed as the honorary group leader, Professor Zhou Chuan was appointed as the preparatory group leader, and Department Head Liu Yan was appointed as the executive group leader to jointly promote the development of the college. The college is committed to promoting research on the development of sports culture and technology, driving the development of national traditional sports culture under the "Belt and Road" strategy, strengthening cooperation with sports scientists, engineers, and coaches, jointly developing intelligent sports equipment, sports health and wellness, sports fitness training standards, physical and mental health monitoring, and aging health and wellness services, and focusing on optimising athletes' equipment, sports posture, and training strategies to gain a competitive advantage in competitions and promote global sports exchanges and cooperation. 

In the afternoon of January 10, Chairman Che Kuong Hon and his delegation visited Shandong Talent Group Development Co., Ltd. and were warmly received by He Wei, Deputy General Manager of the group, and other officials. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on talent introduction business and discussed cooperation opportunities.

The official publication of the JETI International Journal's fourth issue for the year 2023 has been released

Published by the World Sports University Press, this issue features dozens of academic papers submitted by scholars, professors, and graduate students from various domestic and international universities.

After a thorough review by a panel of experts from the journal, several highly valuable academic papers have been selected for publication. These papers were authored by scholars, professors, and graduate students from Southwest University in China, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou Ouhai Kangning Hospital, School of Mathematics and Science at Wenzhou University, School of Foreign Languages at Wenzhou University, Faculty of Education at City University of Macau, Pre-School Education Department at Wenzhou University, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Macau Polytechnic Institute, and the Portuguese Language Center.

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