The international journal JETI successfully obtained the ISSN.


WSU News 2022-01-15

Good news! The international journal JETI <Educational Technology and Innovation> published by World Sports University Press successfully obtained the ISSN.

好消息!由世界体育大学出版社出版的JETI 国际期刊<教育技术与创新>的国际刊号顺利通过审批。

At present, the journal has been included in the VIP and Bookan databases, and the next goal is to strive for more international databases to be included.




The second issue of the international journal JETI will be launched in March this year.

JETI 国际期刊第二期将于今年三月上线。



Submission of papers are welcome:

Submission and manuscripts should be written in proper academic language and follow APA citation format. Submissions and manuscripts should come along with a 150-250 word long abstract and 4-5 keywords. All submissions are expected to be 6000-8000 words in length. Before submission, authors are advised to visit for more information and submit the article via the above website.


投稿应使用适当的学术语言并遵循 APA 引文格式。投稿应附有150至250字长的摘要和4到5个关键词。所有提交的内容预计长度为 6000至8000 字。投稿前,建议作者访问 了解更多信息,并通过上述网站提交文章。