Inspection trip to Hangzhou made by Dr. CHE, for 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

WSU news 2022-03-29 世界体育大学2022年03月29日新闻


Inspection trip to Hangzhou made by Dr. CHE Kuong Hon, for 19th AsianGames Hangzhou 2022



The President of World Sports University Dr. CHE Kuong Hon, in the quality of Asian Games Technical Delegate, arrived Hangzhou on March 26th, 2022 for an inspection trip, in order to inspect the venue for Judo,Kurash, and Ju-jitsu Events, and give instruction to the preparation works of the Hangzhou Asian Games.




Dr. CHE Kuong Hon gave instructions to the local organizing committee regarding the design of FOP and flow lines of the competition venue.




Dr. CHE conducted a seminar for the local technical officials, answer all questions and explained all doubts, in order to guarantee the smooth running of the competitions of the Games.


谢博士为亚组委及主办单位技术官员主持了相关项目研究会, 解答了技术官员提出的各项问题及疑问,确保赛事能顺利举行。